Research projects

Find Dr Mehl's current research projects below. If you have any questions about individual projects or would like to offer support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Current research projects

Enhancing bone regeneration by combining mesenchymal stem cell sheets with beta-TCP/COL-I scaffolds

This project is conducted with our Chinese partners at the University of Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China. In this project we try to improve/re-grow bone by doping membranes with bone inducing mesenchymal stem cells.

Impact of cleaning procedures on adhesion of living cells to three abutment materials

In this project we clean implant restorations with different cleaning methods and evaluate to which material and after which cleaning procedure fibroblastic cells adhere best.

Influence of chewing force, thermal cycling and storage time on the retrievability of cemented implant retained crowns 

This study examines which kind of mouth-related influences lead to an aging of implant cements and which cements are most suitable to fix cemented implant-borne dental prosthesis.

Effect of remineralising solution on hybrid layer of resin bonded etching dentin in vitro.

This study examines how fillings of teeth can last for a longer time.

Adhesive bonding of titanium alloy: Development of a new ready-made tapered telescopic crown abutment

This study clarifies which cells adhere best on which material of implant abutments.

Comparison of a computer-based registration system with a central support pin registration.

This is about the determination of the relation between the jaws and which of the two methods is more precise. 

Influence of abutment materials and the cement of bipartite abutments on the cervical implant bone and the soft tissue adhesion.

Here it is explored with which material the implant abutment can best preserve the tissue surrounding the implant (bones and gums).



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