Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is one of the strengths of our dental clinic. We can gently and effectively correct tooth misalignment, unsightly tooth shapes, tooth discolouration, or gum problems with state-of-the-art dental aesthetic treatment methods.

We want you to enjoy a radiant smile. Beautiful and aesthetically perfect teeth are a prerequisite for that to happen. Aesthetic dentistry offers various ways to improve the aesthetics of your teeth. From veneers and bleaching to gum corrections, we offer you a wide range of treatments.

Based on a detailed diagnosis and analysis of the problem, we first plan the necessary treatment steps virtually (Digital Smile Design®) and then implement these changes in close consultation with you and our dental technicians. This is the basis for perfect aesthetic results.

Let our highly skilled team advise you personally — you can rely on our expertise.

A truly beautiful smile can only be achieved if three things work together in absolute perfection:

1. The facial anatomy

2. The gum aspects (colour, shape, black triangles, etc.)

3. The dental aspect (shape, form, texture, colour, interaction with other teeth, symmetry, etc.)

We can only achieve a result as close to perfection as possible if all three factors seperately and in their interaction are in harmony. If you did not know yet, how important a beautiful smile is, here are some facts:

1. People with a beautiful smile are considered to be more attractice and have higher salaries

2. Out of a 100% of the time people look at a face 30% of that time is spent on the smile (70% on the eye region). Of these 30% of time used to look at the smile/teeth, 90% is spent on looking at the central incisors.

3. A simple fact is that people with a beautiful smile have a higher oral health related quality of life and feel more confident.

However, our approach is never to convince our patients to do something about their smile and to create a need. Most aesthetic treatments are medically speaking not neccessary. Thats why we are happy to advise and to treat to absolute perfection, but the wish to change something aesthetically has to come from our patients first.


Little helpers for perfect teeth

In our dental clinic in London we use ceramic veneers to gently and permanently correct tooth misalignments or discolouration.



Radiant white teeth — quickly and gently

Beautiful white teeth provide self-esteem, enabling you to feel confident. We will help you achieve perfect white teeth with professional bleaching.


Gum corrections

For a carefree smile again

A beautiful smile doesn’t just consist of radiant white teeth, but also of healthy, pink gums. With gum corrections we can treat discoloured, receding gums and excess gum tissue.


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