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26/09/2019 - 30/09/2019

Prof. Mehl's educational tour in China

On invitation from Camlog Biotechnologies and Henry Schein China, Prof. Mehl was giving lectures in Shanghai, Kunshan and was a main speaker at the annual congress of the Chinese Society of Oral Implantology in Yinchuan. He visited large Chinese Dental Clinics and met many great colleagues and new friends during his 4-day tour. His main topic was how implantology, bone augmentations and aesthetic demands have changed in the 21st century. Special thanks go to:

Merima Bajramovic and Ralph Luell from Switzerland for organizing the tour.

For the very warm reception and the great organisation in China great thanks go to Mrs. Jasmine Ma, Mr. Giotto Liu and Mrs. Fannie Fae and all the other Camlog and Henry Schein staff helping and caring so wonderfully.

For the fantastic congress thanks go to all organisers, especially Prof. Lin, Prof. Wang, Prof. Chiu and Prof. Mehl's three simultaneous translators.


On a personal note:

It was a fantastic experience and I will be back. Thank you all.



2-day course digital dentistry in collaboration with Camlog Biotechnologies

Digitization has become more and more popular in the dental practice in recent years, and increasingly plays a central role in the daily treatment of patients. In this practical course, we have shown colleagues how to combine the possibilities of digital dentistry with implantology / implant prosthetics and merge them into a practicable overall concept. We also focused on the biological prerequisites for a long-term aesthetic-functional success in implantology and implant prosthetics. Exact digital planning and thus early visualization of the treatment results lead to a higher acceptance of the patient for extensive and complex implant prosthetic treatments.


Receiving the extraordinary professorship

After 15 years of continuously teaching students and conducting research resulting in 38 international peer-reviewed publications and numerous case reports and book chapters, Dr. Mehl received his professor title at the Christian-Albrechts University at Kiel, Germany on the 20st of June 2019. This professorship is only awarded to researchers and university teachers with great accomplishments in their respective fields. 

For all the help and support I have received I would like to thank:

My wife Lin for the hours, days, weeks, month and years I have not been there for her as much as I should have

My parents and my brothers for their advice and support throughout those years

Prof. Dr. Kern of the Department of Prosthodontics, Propaedeutics and Dental Materials for his full support and the chance to live my talents.

My business and research partner PD Dr. Sönke Harder, PhD for all his patience with me.

Prof. Dr. Wolfart for the initial chance to do research and for not losing touch over the past years.

My close friends who have helped me through all of those years.

The entire staff and colleagues at the Kiel Univeristy - espcially the staff at the Department of Prosthodontics, Propaedeutics and Dental Materials, especially to:

Susanne Riemer

The 10th floor with Frank Lehmann, Detlev Gostomsky, Rüdiger Möller, Prof. Ludwig, Martin Steiner, Sebastian Wille and "Gundel" Galsterer

The dental laboratory at the 4th floor.

All the colleagues who published with me.

The University of Zhejiang, China and especially to Dr. Jun Lin for the wonderful scientific cooperation.

My practice staff in Munich bearing the brunt of some late research night resulting in a grumpy boss next morning.

Nicole Plambeck and Birgit Frank at the deans office of the Christian-Albrechts University at Kiel. 

The president and the vice-presidents of the Christian-Albrechts University at Kiel.

All the people I have not named here but played a role in this journey.



Invitation to be listed on the German Focus-Magazine of best dentists in Munich

Dr. Mehl and Dr. Harder have been invited to be listed on the list for the best best dentist in Munich by the prestigious German Magazine "Focus". To become a member of the list you have to have sufficient scientific credentials and more importantly you have to be invited and recommended by other high ranking colleagues. 

We would like to thank all our staff for their hard work in making these honours possible.


11th Implant evening at Harder & Mehl Dental Clinic, Munich, Germany

We were delighted to have fellow dentists coming to our clinic in Munich and enjoying live surgeries, lectures, good food and great company. 

A big thanks goes to Julia Dorfmeister for organising the entire event as always in a meticulous way. We would also like to thank ZimmerBiomet for providing the materials, our patient for be so kind and come for a surgery so late in the evening and to David Emmenlauer for the camera.

We showed immediate implant replacement of anterior incisors with small diameter implants and direct temporaries on these implants. This procedure will reduce time and needed appointments for our patients.

Next implant evening in Germany will be on the 16th of October 2019.


Student course at the University of Kiel

As part of the teaching obligation of Dr. Harder, PhD and Dr. Mehl, PhD, both gave a 2-day course at the Department of Prosthodontics, Propaedeutics and Dental Materials at the Christian-Albrechts University at Kiel, Germany teaching students how to work scientifically and in implant surgery and prosthodontics.

The lectures were in detail:

Implantology for preclinical students - an Introduction (Univis 040515)

A guidance on scientific work (Univis 040002)

Implant prosthodontics (Univis 040047)

Many thanks to all the University employees for the great preparation of the lectures!


Comfour course with Chinese dentists

On a really spectacular day we spent the day with 15 colleagues from all over China who wanted to learn the how to place immediate implants. Ten hours of live surgery, lectures and intense Q & A made this day a special one. Many thanks go to Julia Dorfmeister, our practice manager, Camlog, the film crew and all the other supporting staff. 


Dr. Mehl accepted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine

Dr. Mehl was accepted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine from the 01.02.2019.
Honorary members of this ancient society included Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur, Edward Jenner and Sigmund Freud. The organization organizes scientific symposia and training courses, as well as public information and discussion events, and operates one of the largest medical libraries in the world - with approximately 600,000 volumes and 12,000 journals. It is an honour to be part of such a historical society.


Doctoral candidate of Dr. Mehl awarded

Dr. Mehl's PhD student Ms. Neumann was awarded a "magna cum laude" for her research and the resulting doctoral thesis after a great lecture and public disputation.

Title of her work:
"Effect of ultraviolet photofunctionalization of dental titanium implants on osseointegration"

Her study evaluated how high intensity UV-light could potentially contribute to a shorter healing period of dental implants .

Congratulations Rike!


New international publication by Dr. Harder & Dr. Mehl

Dr. Harder and Dr. Mehl published in the internationally renowned journal "Clinical Oral Investigations" the latest results of their research on pre-conditioned implant surfaces with the title:

"Changes in proinflammatory gene expression in human whole blood after contact with UV-conditioned implant surfaces."

The aim of this work was to investigate the immune response of human blood to implant surfaces treated with UV light.
We also thank the colleagues at Kiel University for their great support!


Doctoral candidate of Dr. Mehl awarded

Dr. Mehl's PhD student Ms. Schütte was awarded a "magna cum laude" for her research and the resulting doctoral thesis after a really nice lecture and public disputation.

Title of her work:
"Cell adhesion of gingivae fibroblasts to three different abutment materials, dentin and an adhesive cement"

Her study evaluated to which implant abutment materials and on which roughness cells attach best to the surface.

Congratulations Anna!


Dr. Mehl at the Congress of the Federal Association of German Oral Surgeons

At the invitation of Nobel Biocare and Oemus Media, Dr. Mehl held the lecture: "Immediate Implantology - Standard or Risk?". In his talk, he weighs the risks against the benefits of immediate implantation over the standard method of tooth extraction and a prolonged healing period. Thank you again for the very good organization by Nobel Biocare and the Hotel Maritim in Berlin.


New publication!

The most recent publication by Harder & Mehl is now online. We talk about the advantages of the immediate implantation concept and about the associated risks. With the help of this article, patients and colleagues can make an information-based decision about which way to go.

Title of the publication:
Immediate implantation and restoration in the anterior region
The Free Dentist, 62 (9), 84-98
10.1007 / s12614-018-7262-5

Many thanks to all co-authors, in particular Dr. med. dent. Teresa Englbrecht.

Have fun while reading!


New research project in cooperation with the University of Kiel

Dr. Mehl and Dr. Harder will launch a new research project on all-ceramic implants in December 2018. In cooperation with the Christian-Albrechts-University at Kiel, Germany and the company Camlog-Biotechnologies all-ceramic implants are tested. We are paying close attention to the growing interest in all-ceramic implants.

However, all-ceramic implants have yet to prove their worth over the long-used titanium implants. We are pleased that we can contribute with our research.

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