Internal bleaching

Insufficient root canal treatments, traumas or dead nerves are the number one cause of tooth discolouration. Thanks to internal bleaching, the tooth can be whitened with the help of hydrogen peroxide.

We only perform internal bleaching if the root canal filling is free from inflammation. Parts of the root filling material that seal the canals are removed and the cavity is filled with hydrogen peroxide. The cavity is then sealed. Five to seven days later we check the result. Should the treated tooth still be dark we will repeat the process. in most cases a total of three appointments is needed. Once the desired colour has been achieved we neutralise the bleaching reaction and the tooth is sealed with a composite filling or a dental restoration, eg a partial crown. This finish depends on the loss of tooth material and the risk of a tooth cracking. The result achieved will remain the same for many years.

Beautiful teeth thanks to internal bleaching

Teeth receiving root canal treatment may change in colour — see how to get white teeth again with internal teeth bleaching.

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